Do women matter to the Kingdom of GOD? Lesson 2

Today we are going to read John 11. And we are going to look at the relationship Jesus had with Martha, Mary and Lazarus.

Read John 11:1-5


  • Jesus is preaching and teaching
  • Lazarus got sick and Marthy and Mary sent word to Jesus
  • Jesus was busy and his response was “This sickness is not into dead”
  • His friends were hesitant and wanted him to come with them
  • And Jesus response was “I told you this sickness is not into dead”


Now if we read verse 5 and 6

  • It tells us that Jesus loved Marthy, Mary and Lazarus but yet he stayed two days
  • What kind of a friend is this? It is not supposed to go that way, a good friend would drop everything specially knowing you could safe them.
  • But Jesus didn’t and in verse 14 we read Lazarus is dead.
  • But then Jesus goes on in verse 15 saying “I am glad it happened so that you can believe”
    Believe what? Believe that Jesus is who he says he is.


Verse 17

  • We can read in Verse 17 that Lazarus has been dead for 4 days, it is done, he is in the grave.
  • But according to early Jewish teachings we learn that they believed that a deceased person’s spirit remains around the body for up to three days after death before departing the body. It was well-known in Israel 2,000 years ago that someone deceased could come back to life during this 3-day period but not afterwards.


Verse 20

  • But on the fourth day, who rolls into town? Jesus
  • And Martha goes to meet him, Martha hears that Jesus is finally arriving in town and she was going to give him a piece of her own mind.


Verse 21

  • Martha got an attitude, I can hear her say “Jesus you are out there walking on water, but the moment Lazarus got sick your friend you wait for 4 days
  • Now not only was she grieving the dead of her brother, not only did her friend who could have saved him didn’t, she was also a woman, not married which means her covering her livelihood was now in question


Verse 23 – 25

  • In this verse Jesus says your brother will rise again
  • Martha’s response was “I know he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day”
  • In verse 25 Jesus looks at Martha and say “No Martha, you don’t get it” I am the resurrection and the life the one who believes in me will life even though they die. Do you believe this?
  • In this moment I am asking you the same thing. “Do you believe”
  • The focus of this story is usually on Lazarus but there was more then one healing that took place that day. Lazarus was dead and he came back to life, Martha’s faith was dead and her faith came back to life. In verse 27 she responds with “Yes Lord, I believe that you are the Messiah” This was after Lazarus was already dead, he is already in the grave. The reality is he is gone. And she did not just say that she believed that Jesus could save him but that she believes that Jesus is the Messiah.


Verse 20

  • The bible says that when they heard that Jesus was coming that Martha ran out of the house but Marie stayed in the house. The bible doesn’t tell us why she stayed in the house, it could be because she was hurt. Think about how many prayers you have prayed that GOD remained silent and you find yourself saying GOD where are you? Why is this happening?
  • After Jesus talking to Martha he asked for Marie and she quickly went to him.


Verse 32

  • Mary fell at Jesus feet. Both Mary and Martha said the same thing but their attitudes were different. One came in anger and an attitude, the other came and kneeled before Jesus.
  • What is your attitude today?
    • Do you believe that GOD can turn any situation around?
    • Will you still love him when he doesn’t?
    • Can you worship GOD because he is good and he is able and he can


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